Scott & Bianca

Back in late 2009 I started looking for an engagement ring for Bianca.  We had just moved from Canada the year before and needless to say it was very awkward for me to go shopping on my own in Sydney for a very expensive purchase.  I did not know the first thing about diamonds and could only go on what I saw in the retail shops around the city.  

Luckily for me I had met some great people through work when I moved here and I let them in on my plan to eventually propose to my long time girlfriend.  One of my co-workers had just been married and she had worked with James on her rings.  She said that I definitely had to go to an appointment in Earlwood and hear what James would say.  I had been to a few other "stores" beforehand and always felt that I was on the short end of the conversation.   

The first thing I noticed about James and Forever Diamonds was the passion he had for his work.  Once I arrived for the meeting he asked me a few basic questions and before we even talked about jewellery he gave me a great lesson on diamonds and the differences in cut, clarity, colour, and weight.  He told me about his business and how he works the jewellery himself and I was very impressed from the start.  

I didn't have a lot of money for my engagement ring compared to a few of my colleagues but James was very happy to work within my budget and assured me that I would get the best that my money could buy.  We discussed the trade offs with size vs colour and a few other characteristics and arrived at a beautiful ring that I designed and was not available anywhere else.  

James built the ring from scratch and after a short period I was able to pick up the ring from him in late December 2010.  Needless to say I was speechless at the way it looked and I was sure that Bianca would love it too.  I proposed to Bianca on New Year's Eve 2009/2010 and she was blown away at the ring.  She was very impressed with the pink diamonds I picked out as well as the brilliant round diamond I had picked out as well.

Bianca and I were married in Hawaii in May 2011 in front of approximately 80 friends and family from Canada and Australia.  It was a fantastic day and the wedding rings were designed and made by Forever Diamonds as well.  My custom wedding band looked fantastic and Bianca's wedding band matched her engagement ring perfectly.  

James was a fantastic coach for both of us when we went to design these rings before our wedding and we knew that James would create beautiful rings for us after the design of the first ring!  Over the last year we have added a new addition to our family - a baby boy named Will!  Things have moved very quickly over the last few years but it could not have all started without James' help at Forever Diamonds.

I recently recommended a couple to James who were searching for engagement rings.  They too were having the same issues of not really finding anything "great" at retail shops and also not getting the service they were looking for but probably also needed.  They met with James and also had a fantastic experience by designing their own special rings for the budget they had.  The feedback to me was great about their experience and they also felt that the professionalism and passion that James and the staff at Forever Diamonds really sets them apart from anyone.  If you are interested in buying a ring please make sure you go and see James as I am willing to bet it will be the last appointment you will need before you get any of your jewellery!