Below are the other brands, chosen for their exceptional quality, distributed exclusively in Australia by Forever Diamonds. 


Famous for his confidence, Colibri founder Julius Lowenthal started out with a vision that would transform the world of cigars and launch an international brand. Today the Colibri renaissance brings you the same classic styling and engineering leadership alongside superb modern functionality. Colibri offers three series, each of which echoes the timeless moods of man; genuine effortless confidence in all it's forms.

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Belle Étoile 

Belle Étoile offers a jewel box full of looks, styles, colours, and icons.  Are you a rock star, or a fashion maven, or a power executive?  Belle Étoile has what you need to express yourself.  Star in your own reality show called life.  Shine like the star you are. 

In French, Belle Étoile means beautiful star.  That is why a delightful radiance permeates throughout all our creations.  Designed to reflect the latest European fashion trends, our dazzling selection of exquisite jewellery enhances the lifestyle of the modern woman.  Belle Étoile adheres to the philosophy of combining natural beauty and grace with the marriage of high-quality craftsmanship and outstanding designs to give you the fun, beauty, and excellence that you expect from Belle Étoile. 

The PrinceCut® Diamond

The PrinceCut® diamond, developed and patented by the Avi Paz Group and marketed exclusively in Australia through Forever Diamonds, builds and expands on the traditional emerald shape.

What makes the PrinceCut® diamond so special? The shape of the PrinceCut® is distinguished by cropped corners and elongated, stepped sides, and many facets, which provide a number of advantages in terms of light play and brilliance.

Avi Paz’s PrinceCut® diamond features 111 facets, compared to the 46 facets of the traditional emerald cut. Forty-one of the facets are on the crown, with another 70 on the diamond’s pavilion. The many facets allow the light “wasted” by the emerald cut to come into full play in the PrinceCut®, giving the stones unparalleled brilliance and fire.

The scintillation and sparkle brought out by the PrinceCut® not only shows off a diamond’s true potential for light play and sparkle, but also hides inclusions in lower-quality stones that would be exposed by the classic emerald cut.

With the PrinceCut®, diamonds of lower clarity can be turned into bright, brilliant stones. Since the PrinceCut® maximizes the scintillation and fire of lower-quality diamonds, it cuts the per-carat cost of manufacturing diamonds.

The Avi Paz PrinceCut® is available in all colours and clarities and in sizes ranging from 0.10 carats upward. 


Crieri high-end jewellery is well-known and recognized by top buyers all over the world and is an Italian leader in tennis chain manufacturing. The collection by famous jewellers the worldwide worldwide, including Forever Diamonds. 

Thanks to an innovative and unique chaining system, Crieri bracelets are extremely resistant and metal weight is reduced up to 30%, increasing volume and light on diamonds. Crieri tennis bracelets start from a minimum of 3,90gr and 0,20ct (sieve 0000).

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