Diamond Certification

Certification Protects Diamond Buyers

Diamond certifiers grade and check diamonds to ensure they have not been treated and are of natural origin. They then issue Certificates with each diamond to assure the owner that the diamond is free of all known treatments and enhancements. It also confirms the diamond is natural and not a synthetic diamond. Some labs even cold laser inscription links in the diamond to the certificate providing added confidence.

Accurate assessment of a diamond is only possible prior to being set. Once the stone is set even a qualified diamond grader cannot precisely determine colour, size and purity. The Diamond Certificate is only reliable if it is from an independent and qualified laboratory. Besides the international standards to which these laboratories grade, qualified laboratories have the necessary equipment to check for Synthetics, Simulants and treatments.

Synthetic and treated diamonds have a significantly lower value, and this information should be disclosed.

It is crucial when choosing a diamond to review the diamond certificate, also known as a Diamond Grading Report, especially larger diamonds greater than 0.5 carat. This report documents the internationally-recognised characteristics of a diamond, its carat weight, colour, clarity, cut.

Some of the better known Diamond Certifiers are: