About Forever Diamonds

At Forever Diamonds we are passionate about fine jewellery and gems. We feature one of a kind, original and elegant, handmade pieces. Forever Diamonds handmade jewellery is crafted using exceptional quality metals, integrating designs that are innovative, creative, and unique.

After you have consulted with our experienced staff - our highly trained and experienced jewellers hand-make every piece of finely crafted jewellery with a level of care and attention that cannot be matched by machines. Our custom jewellery is Australian-made in our Sydney workshop.

With our combination of one-to-one customer service, our deep knowledge and experience, we can help you create unique jewellery that cannot be found in any jewellery store to suit any budget. 

We look forward to helping you create your perfect diamond engagement and wedding rings or that special occasion piece, for that very special someone. 


James Kouts
Diamond Merchant